You can have a conventional guide or a role guide to present the museum to you by appointment. The role guides wearing costumes of the relevant era introduce visitors to the museum by telling interesting stories.

The guides can be ordered from Kymenmatkat Oy, which also provides further information on guidance and prices. As a rule, guide services are available in Finnish, English and Russian. Guides in other languages can also be requested. Only guides accredited by the museum can be used at Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge.

A booklet presenting the area and imperial summer life at Langinkoski is available at the museum. The museum also sells a more comprehensive book written by Ragnar Backström: “Langinkoski – keisarillisen perheen kesäinen keidas.”

Guides and role guides

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Introducing the role guides

Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna

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The imperial couple of Langinkoski brings the atmosphere of the lodge to life with their stories. The imperial couple is available as a guide either together or separately. 

Guide languages: Finnish and English.

Dagmar, Princess of Denmark


The Danish Princess who became Maria Feodorovna, Empress of Russia, in 1881. The Princess reminisces about the different stages of her life.

Guide languages: Finnish.

Olga Druschinin

Olga Druschinin 

Widow of Sergei Druschinin, a revered Russian-born merchant and town councillor of Kotka.

Guide languages: Finnish and Russian.

Anna Virybova

Anna Virybova 

Lady-in-waiting and confidante of Empress Alexandra, consort of Emperor Nicholas II.

Guide languages: Russian.


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