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The imperial family spent leisurely holidays at the Langinkoski fishing lodge. The Emperor himself liked to spend time with his children, and often took them for walks in the forest to pick berries and mushrooms. The family dressed modestly, and they enjoyed simple meals.

The Empress cooked food and the Emperor chopped wood

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The Empress had had a modern upbringing, which is why she knew how to cook food. At Langinkoski, her favourite hobby was to prepare food for her family. However, she did not like to wash the dishes, so she left that to the servants. The Emperor took care of chopping wood for the stove and carrying household water from the rapids to the kitchen.

Fishing and music

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The Emperor’s favourite pastime was fishing. Smoking a cigar, he used to follow the work of his professional fishermen beside the rapids. The Emperor was often seen angling from a rock on the eastern bank of the river, and with his own hands, he built steps to the top of the rock. 

The Emperor was also an avid lover of brass music. In 1892, the Emperor borrowed the instrument of one of the musicians in the band of the Finnish Guard and played the national anthems of Russia and Denmark on the porch of the lodge ‒ the Danish national anthem was of course played in honour of his Danish-born consort.

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