Sivuhaara puusillalta eteläänThe environs of the fishing lodge were declared a nature reserve in 1960. The area currently encompasses 28 hectares. The nature reserve includes a tree species park with several tree species, plus walking paths and footbridges. There is free access to the nature reserve, and it is a popular outdoor recreation area.

The fishing lodge with its immediate surroundings is composed of small islands in the middle of the River Kymijoki. There is a natural harbour at the mouth of the Langinkoski branch of the river. 

What you should remember when moving in a nature reserve

  • There is no waste collection in a nature reserve. Everyone is responsible for taking away their rubbish. 
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted in a nature reserve. 
  • Open fire, camping, digging and picking of plants are prohibited.

Further information on the Langinkoski nature reserve and general guidelines for nature conservation areas can be found on the website of Metsähallitus.

Fishing at Langinkoski?

Saaliin odotustaLanginkosken-kiviä

The Emperor of Russia once heard Langinkoski calling him, and so do many fishermen of today. Langinkoski is considered the best rapids for sea trout fishing on the River Kymijoki, and possibly in the entire Southern Finland. Conventional fly fishing is the only permitted form of recreational fishing at Langinkoski.

Over the centuries, fishing at Langinkoski has been practised by many, for example the monks of the Valamo monastery. To date, the biggest salmon ever caught at Langinkoski was the catch of the local fisherman Aukusti Hintikka in September 1896. The salmon weighed 35.6 kg. A life size copy of the fish can be seen at the fishing lodge museum.

Further information on fishing licences and fishing at Langinkoski can be found on the website of Lohikeskus Kotka. The museum does not sell fishing licences.

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